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One day to go!

I’m currently sat in Princes St Gardens with an hour before my next meeting. I’m planning on heading off tomorrow lunchtimeish and think I’m almost there in all of my preparation.

I’ve just had a great catch up with Simon whose been pulling together some great resources for a new project/movement called free the change FREE THE CHANGE UNITES ORDINARY PEOPLE TRYING TO BE THE CHANGE THEY WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD, FOR FREE.

Free The Change comprises a simple framework for groups, useful tools and a supportive network — to unlock powerful conversations and social change. https://www.freethechange.scot/ I’m really excited about the resources that are all there and am looking forward to sharing them on my trip. It was great to talk about the freedom of trying to move away from outcomes and make sure that we’re ‘living the questions’ our work is about how do we have the conversations, create the conditions for change, enable people to make their own change rather than directing that too much. For me this really sums up what the trip is all about, its not about expecting to come back with answers or have a possible plan for how we create a system change around participation, its about living the questions and coming back with some more understanding of possibilities and seeing where that goes. We touched on the importance of understanding our own power and privilege and how that links into some of the conversations about intersectionality that are happening at the moment. I am really aware and want to acknowledge my own privilege, that I have the financial, time and physical resources to be able to take this journey. I really appreciate how luckey this makes me and want to make sure I can share what I’m learning along the way as much as possible. Once of the things I really appreciate about Simon is about how he asks great questions and is then really present to the answers, its something I’m trying to do but am still working though. We had some good chats about the trip and how I’m feeling about it., which I’ve attempted to summarise below. I’m excited, I can’t wait to just get out there and start, it feels like there’s been lots of preparation, but I’m looking forward to the moment when its just me and the bike, hopefully the sunshine and the cycle route down to Ardrossan and my first ferry. I’m slightly nervous, I haven’t organised as many visits to community places as I’d wanted, but am trying to sit with the feeling that it will come, that the momentum will build on the trip and people will start to give me more suggestions of places to go. I also think that some of the richness of the conversations will come from people that I haven’t planned to meet, the person running a café, the ferry driver another cyclist etc and so I need so sit with that. I feel ready for the physical challenge, I feel mostly confident that I can manage it, its definitely going to push me, but I think I’ve set the distance to limits that I think are manageable and if its too much I’ll slow down and if I can get a few more miles in a day then I’ll go with that. I’m looking forward to engaging with nature and embracing the present moment as much as possible. Enjoying the sun, rain or wind in my face. Waking up in some beautiful and probably not so beautiful views. I’m looking forward to the space and reflection, I know this trip isn’t going to give me all of the ideas but hopefully it will be thought provoking and help develop my ideas further. Thanks so much to everyone for the suggestions of places to visit, camp, hostels to stay in, please keep them coming